Content Marketing: Reasons Why Content is Still King in 2017

If you were to talk about content marketing about a decade ago, it wouldn’t make any sense or mean anything. It just seemed like a buzzword that businesses or individuals could randomly ramble upon. By then, marketers were trying to figure out and deliberate between different content channels to find out the most effective mode of marketing that could drive business. Things have changed today since content marketing is now more than just a mere tactic.

Every online marketing campaign today must include a high-quality content marketing campaign. Content is now referred to as king as far as the digital world is concerned. Without quality content, businesses cannot communicate with the target audience which means there’s a minimal chance of growth. We both know that every business aims at growing and expanding its operations in the long run. Here are top reasons why content remains to be the king in the digital realm even in 2017 and beyond.

Content Answers Questions

When was the last time you searched the internet for some answers? Well, you might have even done it today. Everyday consumers are searching the internet for answers regarding different products and services. Even the basic information on how your product is used is being sought by someone out there. How do they find answers to their questions? It’s through content. When you create content that addresses your customers’ questions and concerns, your website is more likely to rank on top of search results for what your customers want to know.

Content is Great for SEO

Providing high-quality and relevant content will have a significant impact on your ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing. Of course, the content must be unique. Providing internal links within the content to other useful content and inserting keywords smartly will organically run your website for the relevant keyword phrases and search terms. Ranking higher on search engines will expose your brand to your target customers thereby generating more traffic, new leads, and ultimately, sales.

Content Encourages Engagement

Whether you provide video content, social media updates or create written content in a blog post, good content will encourage your target audience to engage more with your brand. It’s a good idea to share your content to social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to make sharing easier.

Content Adds Value to your Service or Product

As long as you create and develop relevant and high-quality content that’s useful to the consumers, it will help in cultivating and establishing a relationship between your consumers and the brand. The more you add value to your target customer through quality content, the more value you get as a business. This goes a long way to encourage loyalty.

Content sells your Product or Service

It’s important to indicate that content is usually accessible any time especially when you keep updating your blog. You’re always creating content and placing it where users can find it. As a matter of fact, about 73 percent of customers prefer receiving information through relevant content in articles or videos rather than ads. Incorporating photos into your content is a great way to market your product or service. It paints an image of how your business looks like and the quality of service being offered thereby compelling consumers to learn more about your products and services.

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